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Rumspringa $9.99

Though technically residing in Nashville, TN, singer-songwriter Daniel James aka Canon Blue spent the majority of '09-'11 touring the world with Efterklang while simultaneously writing and recording Rumspringa in their Copenhagen studio. The result is a breathtakingly gorgeous mix of orchestral pop and neoclassical minimalism that blends the soulful intimacy of Jeff Buckley and the playful whimsy of Sufjan Stevens with the stately meditation of Steve Reich and Philip Glass.


Colonies $8.99

Released through Efterklang’s Rumraket label after being touted by creator Daniel James from the dank confines of his boudoir in Nashville, Tennessee, and benefiting from a mix by Grizzly Bear’s own Chris Taylor, on paper at least Colonies makes for an attention-grabbing prospect. But a few short minutes into the record’s modest sprawl, you’ll find yourself forgetting all about your expectations, and probably the time of day, and possibly the whereabouts of your large German shepherd dog, which is definitely resting its chin on your vacant lap. Part sweeping electronic collage, and part humdrum singer-songwriterly trawl, it fulfils neither criteria particularly convincingly, failing to impress with the depth of songwriting or the dexterity of its beats. Imagine Four Tet without Kieran Hebden’s ear for exotic textures – there’s nothing on here that you wouldn’t expect to hear, somehow – or maybe Kid A with all the dread sucked out and replaced with a blandly futuristic sheen.