RELEASED August 16, 2011 ON Temporary Residence
ARTWORK BY Hvass & Hannibal

01. Chicago (Chicago)
02. Autark (Nashville)
03. Indiana Summer (Des Moines)
04. Honeysuckle (Milwaukee)
05. Velveteenager (Minneapolis B)
06. Heavy Heart (Minneapolis A)
07. Lulls (Memphis)
08. Fading Colors (Bloomington)
09. A Native (Madison)
10. Bows & Arrows (Vegas)
11. Andalusia (Davenport)

Though technically residing in Nashville, TN, rising singer-songwriter Daniel James aka Canon Blue has spent the majority of the past three years touring the world with Efterklang while simultaneously writing and recording Rumspringa in their Copenhagen studio. He then headed to Iceland to record orchestral arrangements with renowned string quartet Amiina (most famously recognized as Sigur Ros' string section). The result is a breathtakingly gorgeous mix of orchestral pop and neoclassical minimalism that blends the soulful intimacy of Jeff Buckley and the playful whimsy of Sufjan Stevens with the stately meditation of Steve Reich and Philip Glass. Canon Blue's auspicious beginnings are rooted in the 2007 debut album, Colonies, a bedroom electronic folk collaboration with Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor. Rumspringa ironically finds Daniel James coming into his own by employing nearly 20 musicians to translate his expansive vision. The reserved, introverted abstraction of Colonies has given way to the eclectic glee of Rumspringa, and in the process has magnified the emotional heft and overall replay value significantly.


RELEASED December 11, 2007 ON Rumraket

01. Halcyon
02. Ennui
03. Avatar Furr
04. Kingfisher Sweet

The Halcyon EP by Canon Blue was released in the slipstream of his album Colonies as a free digital EP. The release is still free and it is still brilliant! This EP received a lot of praise in the blogosphere and it is all fully deserved! Based on the Halcyon EP the future of Canon Blue looks very bright. You can download it for free in decent MP3 quality or you can spend a few euros at our download store to get it in 320kbps super high quality.


RELEASED October 17, 2007 ON Rumraket

01. Treehouse
02. Pilguin Pop
03. Odds And Ends
04. Pale Horse
05. Rum Diary
06. Battle Hymn
07. Sea Monsters
08. Target Practise
09. Mouth To Mouth
10. Mother Tongue
11. Baptesme

This debut LP from Daniel James AKA Canon Blue is the latest offering from Copenhagen-based label Rumraket. Written, recorded and produced by Daniel in Nashville, Colonies is a dizzying collection of eccentric-pop compositions wrapped warmly in a fluffy electronic blanket. This one fits nicely alongside the work of label-heads Efterklang whose work similarly seeks to invert the acoustic-folk aesthetic and re-package it for a new generation. This central concern packs its most powerful punch in album centre-piece Battle Hymn, untreated piano and chanting voice clashing head-to-head with pounding electronic beats in a frenetic, completely riveting three and a half minutes. Mother Tongue charts similar territory, albeit armed with electric guitars and sinister whispered vocals to highten the tension. Where direction and sense of purpose waiver in the string-laden Mouth to Mouth and set closer Baptesme, Colonies possesses more than its fair share of engaging cuts. Instantly accessible but provocative in its own quiet way, Colonies is another recommended listen from this solid label. The album is mixed by the much-revered Chris Taylor (of Grizzly Bear) and mastered by Cristian Vogel (acclaimed solo-artist, Radiohead remixer, and more). It is without doubt one of the most fierce and extrovert releases on Rumraket.