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Pre-Order Arctic Circle Comp

A new Canon Blue song, entitled ‘Halcyon’ will be included on the latest Arctic Circle compilation, ‘that fuzzy feeling’.

to hear Halcyon as well as the rest of the amazing artists please go here. There is also a free Download available to whet yer whistle.

pre order’s avaible by clicking on the polar bear:

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And now a word from our sponsor:

Out first CD is here and you can pre-order your copy now. The perfect crimbo present!

What’s happened to Christmas? There used to be a time when it was celebrated in true style and everyone from James Brown, Bing Crosby (!) and Phil Spector released cracking albums full of funky festive tunes. Now what do you get but compilations full of turkeys that should’ve have popped their clogs years ago with titles like ‘The Best Christmas Album In The World Ever’.

Well now Arctic Circle has teamed up LOAF records to present “That Fuzzy Feeling” a collection of mostly original Christmas songs and carols. Fifteen tracks from a variety of artists and labels each with a new take on the traditional Christmas hymn. The result is just what you need to rekindle those warm ‘fuzzy feelings’ that Christmas used to be all about. The release will be available for sale in two formats. The first, a lush limited edition (100 copies) handmade box from much in demand designers Pika Pika (responsible for the eye-catching artwork for all Arctic Circle Events). The other, a snowy-white digipak which will be available in a limited run of 500 copies.

1. Fuzzy Lights – Snowstorm in a Snow Globe
2. Canon Blue (Rumraket) – Halcyon
3. Dollboy (Arable) – Look Darling, It’s Starting to Snow
4. Vincent Oliver (LOAF) and Isan (Morr Music) –
Brave the Cold
5. Peter Broderick (Type) – Family, Giving
6. Ellis Island Sound (Peacefrog) –
Christmas in Hawthorne
7. imaginationandmymother – mouth half open
8. Hausckka (Fat-Cat) and Andy Nice – Pulverschnee
9. Rothko (Lo/Bip-Hop) and The Sleeping Years –
While December Turns
10. Sean O’Hagan (High Llamas) – Cammy Tack
11. Gavouna (LOAF) – Flutter
12. David Julyan – 67 South
13. Si-cut.db (Bip-Hop) – Winter Cabin (Edit)
14. Klima (Peacefrog) – Sing to Me (Rainy Christmas)
15. North Sea Radio Orchestra (Oof) –
O Come O Come Emanuel

Clash Magazine Feature and Mag Comp

the wonderful people over at Clash Magazine have done an interview to go along with the UK release of ‘Colonies’. The song ‘Pilguin Pop’ is also included on the compilation cd going out with each issue. On newsstands now!

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