Monthly Archives: July 2007


been staring at this for the past week:

the studio is in utter chaos as we try to reconstruct the album for the live show…progress is being made though! ‘rum diary’ is up and running and ‘pale horse’ is not far behind (that was a horribly unintentional pun)….

and since we’re rehearsing we kind of figured maybe we should play a show or two as well….a house show tour is currently in the works to take us in to the fall. so if you have a living room/basement/kitchen/bathroom and would like to have canon blue serenade you personally, please be in contact….

and finally, a collection of canon blue remixes is currently being put together. its too early to say who yet, but i can guarantee you will not be let down! hopefully once all is said and done we will be able to collect them all in one place so that you may enjoy them in one sitting….

stay tuned for more news…

love and respect

Orange Alert Interview

‘what to wear during an orange alert’ has a nice write up and short interview posted today on all things canon blue. it can be found here.