Monthly Archives: April 2007

Gravity’s Rainbow

“All these things arise from one difficulty: control.”

control seems to be a recurring theme in ‘colonies’. lack of it, being on the recieving end of it, desparately trying to use it…its the unfolding and evolving world that keeps slipping in and out of different perspectives. different motives. everyone trying to grab at it like a slippery snake trying not to be on the recieving end of its bite…..not always succeeding. but the best way to deal with a snake bite is to suck out the poison and thats what ‘colonies’ is, or at least attempts to do. a mental vacumn over the irritated and bulging skin of a bitten and failing heart……..and at the end of a long night after we no longer have the strength to get up, we slip exhausted into the comforting arms of the water now filling up the bathtub world around us……..

i’ve been enjoying really long walks as of late. my sort of personal stand against those greedy bloated opec’ers i suppose. but its nice being able to enjoy personal benefits, such as fitness of health, more income (previously spent on gas), and smaller carbon footprints. too bad nashville is one of the most poorly laid out cities in the country…

what? music? hmmm……..oh yes… thats what i do. thats what canon blue is for. not all this psycho babble. where are the new tunes? where is that split 7″ with ‘wolf wolf’ you promised us? does anyone else have difficulty reading music magazines anymore? i used to be devoted to my monthly editions of Q magazine and SPIN and now i can’t even be bothered to open the cover. too many bands, canon blue included. its a shame i’m not good at anything else (some would even argue that point)….the musical apocalypse is upon us….

grizzly bears, vogels and danish space rockets. what does it all mean?

a FILM: the mirror——andrei tarkovsky
a BOOK: after the quake——haruki murakami
a RECORDING: the getty address——the dirty projectors