Monthly Archives: February 2007


all of the current orders for ‘colonies’ have been fulfilled and should be arriving at various doorsteps around the world in the coming days. a special heartfelt thanks for the lack of lawsuits and paypal fines as the canon blue factory took an unbearably long time to recover from the christmas holidays.

speaking of, the canon blue house/factory is currently in the middle of being converted into a workable studio/rehearsal space. there’s a beautiful victorian room downstairs with an old upright piano that is now draped in cables and wires connected to samplers and computers on the other side of the room. scientific experiments and lab tests are being conducted as new versions of all the songs are being worked out for the live show. expect dates late spring/early summer….

the canon blue playlist is now on itunes. feel free to gorge your little capitalistic hearts out on all the music thats currently reverberating in the hallways and rooms of the canon blue house. the link can be found here:

as always, if you would like to recieve a special edition handmade copy of the album ‘colonies’ please email your information and one will be sent to you via the slowest means possible…..

shhhh…..i think i hear it coming……….