Monthly Archives: January 2007


the winter has been dark, cold, and damp, but thankfully due to global warming it is a lot shorter this time around. and as winter is beginning to wane, 2007 is looking to be a good year for canon blue. a very good year indeed. though lips are still sewn shut, soon there will be an exciting announcement, the likes of which has never been heard before in the land of canon blue……

but in the meantime, the printing press is finally up and running again and new pressings of colonies are being painstakenly put together as we speak. rest assured that your orders have not been lost or forgotten. however, if anyone else would still like to receive colonies for free, please write soon as the sun is beginning to set and i don’t know how much longer i’ll be able to make more copies…

and so i leave you this short note with the full knowledge that i shall return shortly to reveal all. but in the meantime a brief sojourn with the man that started it all…… scott walker:

SW30 – UK Theatrical Trailer

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