Monthly Archives: October 2006

New Album Costs $0.00

it is finished.

5 years in the making, the debut record of Canon Blue, entitled “colonies” will be in absolutely no stores anywhere starting today. however, fear not! the album can still be aquired should one take the initiative to follow the secret instructions in the following information.

for a limited time (which really means “as long as i’m not sick and tired of making all these ridiculous things by hand”), the album will be given away for free. i know i know…crazy right?….well it probably is, but for whatever reason right now putting music in your hands seems more important than money. so before i realize that karl marx was wrong, feel free to send me an address in exchange for a record…..also, should any of you be so inclined, a paypal account has been set up where donations to cover shipping or to cover my rent can be carefully and lovingly placed.

the albums are all one-of-kind creations by canon blue, featuring exquisite stitching, state of the art color luminosity, and an efficiency of design modern man has rarely seen heretofor.

carrier pigeons await to make deliveries anywhere in the world……….and by anywhere i mean anywhere.