Monthly Archives: July 2006


having returned from an extended stay for the holidays in the belly of history surrounded by two rivers i have returned to arrange the last and final details for the completion of the first canon blue album.

recording is finally finished (mixing/mastering still remain) and the album is, at least for now, entitled “COLONIA”. a brief visit to will reveal tens of random details and facts pertaining to the word, neither of which i am intending. so i have decided to retain my own interpretation and if anyone is every in need of even more information to jam into their already overexpanded and headaching brain they need only ask and i will reveal it.

“ka’lo’nia”………”ka”……not the other way…….(i can already tell i’m going to have to change this)…..

in related news, the assemblage session compilation (2) is finally out after much anticipation. among such underground luminaries as ‘adventure time’ and ‘caural’ there is, hidden in the shadows, “canon blue’s” ‘rum diary’. this can be viewed, experienced, bought, or whatever other way one engages music, at:

but things have not been all canon blue these past few months. there is tell of strange noises and sounds coming from the forest of a mechanical nature. odd creatures are said to have been seen lurking in the darkness leaving behind curiously painted and designed objects. it is not fully understood who or what are disturbing the townsfolk or what their purpose is, but deep down, the townsfolk know that it is only a matter of time before they must confront their fear of the dark………..

expect new canon blue music, photos, information in the coming weeks as the release date swoops down like a soaring, wing-ed eagle capturing its terrified prey in the grips of its claws that clamp down with the weight of centuries, leaving nothing but the faintest of breath to all who witness it……..or something like that…….