Monthly Archives: January 2006

The World is Flat

work is progessing slowly, yet assuredly. ‘pilguin pop’, the first song to hopefully see the light of day, should be up and downloadable shortly. this is the rise of the post-post-post-modern age. we are all brothers and sisters, and brothers and sisters share. so in anticipation of that marxist utopia that I know we are all still waiting for, it is my desire to send out the music for free. So please download, please burn, please share. I hold no regard for dignity. but you must act quickly. already the leather boots can be heard marching along the cobblestone streets of moscow. its only a matter of time before this idealistic society is hijacked by the lenninistic necessity of the being able to afford those new video ipods. you don’t even notice how small the screen is!

moving on, for those of you of the economic/political bent, might i humbly recommend thomas l. friedman’s book, ‘the world is flat: a brief history of the twenty first century’. this comprehensive book traces the rise of the internet and other technological advancements that have played a huge part in the growing global economy. It is a great starting point to the topic or perhaps even a nice companion piece to naomi klein’s classic ‘no logo.’ though perhaps a bit too lenient at times on corporations and the potential of their growing and frightening amount of influence (I see all you adbusters readers out there) this is, to borrow a phrase, a case of ‘eat the chicken and leave the bones.’ but please come hungry, because there is a lot of chicken on the table…….or tofu…….whatever your preference.

you may ask, ‘what does this have to do with canon blue?’ to which i may respond, ‘absolutely nothing, and absolutely everything.’