Monthly Archives: December 2005

Extended Play

the deadline is february. the shareholders and suits are chewing their fingernails to nubs and sweating like its the fourth of july. the ep precedes the ep precedes the lp. six forays into the sonic kingdom in hopes of bringing back some specimens for my museum. school group and ederly discounts available.

i hope its leap year

22 Years In the Making

here begins something that will perhaps be nothing, but at least it began. the long awaited arrival of the golden opportunity has not come to pass and we now know we have no choice. timid and apprehensive, we step out into the cold and lonely winter night and let the door close softly behind. how will we support the weight of these ideas by ourselves? we do not know the way and the path is not lit, but we stumble along it anyway in hopes that somehow, eventually the light will find us.

the house is empty. years take up no space. years spent rummaging in dirty record stores and running tests in laboratory bedrooms. old pianos and guitars with finger ghosts that play melodies while you try to sleep. inhaling the smell of long forgotten books and re-living the stories that lie there in. days spent outside plowing up the surface of the mother tongue in search of the hidden language beneath. tread lightly, but tread all the same as it is the only way forward and we can no longer stay here.

22 years. we force it all through the narrowest of holes, in hopes that on the other side there might be understanding, beauty, and maybe even a little money (at least enough to pay rent).

free music for friends in february if the Lord should tarry.