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The Life & Times of Rumspringa Vol. 4

I originally signed with the Danish Label Rumraket (run by Efterklang) back in 2006. They released my first album Colonies as well as the follow up EP Halcyon. Efterklang were the first people outside of my friends to really take an interest what I was trying to do and were the main reason I was able to keep Canon Blue going.

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The Life & Times Of Rumspringa Vol. 3

The artwork for Rumspringa was done by the design studio Hvass & Hannibal, based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The studio is made up of Nan Na Hvass and Sofie Hannibal who are also responsible for, among numerous other projects, the artwork and art direction for every Efterklang release/performance since their E.P ‘Under Giant Trees.’

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Fall Mixtape

Something to listen to in the earlier darkness…

Wealth – Lone Wolf
The Nest – Jherek Bischoff
Ash/Black Veil – Apparat
Manchester – Kishi Bashi
Villian – Lost In The Trees
Toki No Senrei Wo Uketeinai Mono Wo Yomuna – Jonny Greenwood
A Word In Your Belly – Mi & L’au
If I were – Vashti Bunyan
Familiar – Nils Frahm
Belarus – Low
Kosinski – Angels Of Light
Jim Cain – Bill Callahan
Stand Over Me – The White Birch
The Haunted Ocean 1 – Max Richter
Dreams Today – Efterklang
Take Me Home – Perfume Genius

Fall, Fall, Fall

Battle Hymn Video

Some Super 8 magic from my friend mat, taken during the first Canon Blue house show last fall.

Battle Hymn Video

Byrne Building

just because….

Efterklang/Rumraket/Canon Blue

Histories collided last night (in the bastion of southern style that is Atlanta) as the worlds of Rumraket/Efterklang and Canon Blue were brought together for the very first time. The occasion was Efterklang’s stellar show at the Drunken Unicorn just outside of downtown Atlanta. A wonderful evening was spent with truly the nicest people in show business, discussing Danish Music, local cuisine & Politics (why do non-Americans care more about American politics than Americans do?)

Here with Rasmus and Casper from Efterklang celebrating our historical meeting.


the circle is now finally complete w/ smiles, toasts, and high fives all around.

Radiophonic Workshop

Robjn, remixer of Canon Blue’s Treehouse, kindly brought to my attention a mini documentary on the BBC Radiophonic Workshop (mentioned in the aformentioned songwriting article that might have come across pretentious, even though it wasn’t meant too). line up and pay your respects kids. this is where it all started….

Radiophonic Workshop Tour

also, here is the main BBC 4 Documentary which i was talking about called “Alchemists of Sound”

Alchemists of Sound


Canon Blueprint

was asked to write an article of how i write songs. probably a little early in the career to be doing that. none the less its here for all to read.

Mr. Lonely

I went to the Nashville premiere of native son Harmony Korine’s new movie Mr. Lonely. Harmony came out to introduce the film and then answered questions afterword. I wasn’t sure what to expect as Gummo and Julian Donkey Boy definitely had a very specific style and feel. But surprisingly Mr. Lonely really felt like an entirely different director almost and was quite a marked change from all of his previous work.

“All he would ever be was an observer. He waited with serenity. Life had never been good enough to him for him to wince at its destruction. He told himself that he was indifferent even to his own dissolution. It seemed to him that this indifference was the most that human dignity could achieve, and for the moment forgetting his lapses, forgetting even his narrow escape of the afternoon, he felt he had achieved it. To feel nothing was peace.”
-A Crackup At the Race Riots (Harmony Korine)

That was the Harmony I was expecting to see come through in the film, but instead it seemed to be colored by something more hopeful and optimistic. A desire for transcendence and a connection with the outside world came through in ways that I hadn’t seen before in his other films and it was very moving. Who knows if thats what he was after, but suffice it to say it was definitely one of my favorite films this year.

and who knew abe lincoln was so funny?

I went to St. Louis last night to see Liars and Radiohead and packed up the car with a few friends to make the 5 hour trek. I had seen Radiohead play at the same place for the Hail to the Thief Tour in 2003, but had gotten there late and was basically in the weeds. So I was Looking forward to actually having a seat this time (Thanks Patrick)(Sorry Lawn Sitters).

First up was Liars. I got into them with They Were Wrong So We Drowned record & definitely loved Drums Not Dead, but I wasn’t sure how they would come across in an ampitheater with the sun still out. They’re the kind of band I want to see at 3 am in a dark cave after I haven’t slept for 2 days. But they definitely pulled it off. ‘Broken Witch’ was as menacing and sinister as ever as was most of their set.

Radiohead were fantastic as expected. The light show was really unique, looking like a cage built of steel icicles (which was way cooler than it sounds) and was backed by a really simple video setup that still managed to be cooler than most every other video show i’d seen. They opened with All I need, then made their way through Jigsaw and Airbag before pulling out Kid A, which was definitely my favorite of the evening. The live version is almost somehow creepier and more haunting than the album. It has a quiet rave quality about it, like standing in the middle of a screaming crowd with headphones on.

And then they were done, leaving us all to wonder where would the world be without Radiohead?

probably still here, but definitely less enjoyable…..