Efterklang Launches Radio Station, ‘The Lake’

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Efterklang have just announced a new radio station that they have created and curated, called ‘The Lake.’ I’ve been listening non-stop. Read their official announcement below:

“I don’t wish to get in your pants
Instead, I wish to be your pants.”

If you want to hear Peter Broderick recite these lines of his above; or a Bertolt Brecht hörspiel followed by a conversation with Nils Frahm’s piano. Or Andy Warhol on the phone superceded by Burmese street kids singing from the back of a pick-up truck and the voices of a Haitian voodoo ceremony – then come to The Lake. Continue reading

New Halfnoise Record

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I recently produced the new Halfnoise record which was tracked in various parts of New Zealand over September last fall. Check out the official video for the first new song ‘Mountain’ and see footage from the trip here

The Life & Times of Rumspringa Vol. 4

POSTED IN BLOG ON 09/16/2013 BY canonblue

I originally signed with the Danish Label Rumraket (run by Efterklang) back in 2006. They released my first album Colonies as well as the follow up EP Halcyon. Efterklang were the first people outside of my friends to really take an interest what I was trying to do and were the main reason I was able to keep Canon Blue going. Continue reading

The Life & Times Of Rumspringa Vol. 3

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The artwork for Rumspringa was done by the design studio Hvass & Hannibal, based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The studio is made up of Nan Na Hvass and Sofie Hannibal who are also responsible for, among numerous other projects, the artwork and art direction for every Efterklang release/performance since their E.P ‘Under Giant Trees.’ Continue reading

The Life & Times of Rumspringa Vol. 2

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The recording process for Rumspringa really started when I began writing on the road in 2009. I had been touring with Efterklang and so they were around while I was working on many of the songs. I would play stuff for them in the van and get their opinion on different ideas and that naturally evolved into Casper and Mads coming on to produce the record with me. Continue reading

The Life & Times Of Rumspringa Vol. 1

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The word Rumspringa first entered my head after seeing a documentary called ‘The Devil’s Playground’. I’ve always been interested in words from a visual standpoint. Words as shapes. The way they lay across the page. The way they look side by side. I even keep a dictionary of interesting words and phrases which I’m always adding to and Rumspringa was a word that just seemed to belong with the others.
Continue reading


No Country For New Nashville Podcast

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Listen to a new podcast recorded with No Country For New Nashville about the history and future of Canon Blue also featuring Casper Clausen from Efterklang. Available here.

Taco Shop Interview

POSTED IN NEWS ON 01/18/2014 BY canonblue

New Interview is up at the Taco Shop.  Read it here.

‘Walking Backwards’ remix for Leagues

POSTED IN NEWS ON 01/13/2014 BY canonblue

I did a remix of ‘Walking Backwards’ for my good friends in the band Leagues.  Listen here


The Leftover Sessions

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A new interview with The Leftover Sessions is up now, detailing working with Efterklang, creating the live version of Rumspringa, and whats next:

The Leftover Sessions – Canon Blue

Ultraísta Remix Album Out Today In UK

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The new Ultraísta Remix Album, including the Canon Blue remix of ‘Party Line’, is out today in the UK available to purchase here (digital) &  here (vinyl).


Rumspringa As Free Download On Noisetrade w/ Exclusive Bonus Material

POSTED IN NEWS ON 08/20/2013 BY canonblue

For a limited time Rumspringa will be available as a free download at . Included for the first time is a bonus mixtape of unreleased instrumental demos, b-sides, & sketches written during the Rumspringa sessions.